If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything

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I truly believe the title of this blog post – if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Yes, you will get people liking you and disliking you if you take a side – it’s called polarity and is perfectly normal! I personally get really rubbed up the wrong way when I hear people having heated political discussions about what all the politicians are doing wrong but have never taken even 5 minutes to do anything for their local community. Our campaign team […]

An Exposé of a Cheltenham Daffodil

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It could have happened to any one of them! All the other Daffodils got it right but this Daffodil just had to be different, to stick out like a sore thumb and now she is paying a high price for it. You can just hear the whispers, “Who does she think she is standing out like that!” and “She has ruined the flower patch, it looks messy now with her big head sticking out above the rest of us who all look so pretty!” Ashamed, she […]

The not so brave entreprenuer

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It’s 1st January 2017 – usually, I am super excited on the first day of the year with many dreams and plans up my sleeve. Not so today. Yes, I have much up my sleeve but am not super excited. My emotions are mixed between fear, dread and terror! Right now I would rather curl up in a ball and hide somewhere far far away where no one can find me EVER. I have clearly bitten off more than I can chew and it’s sink or […]

Get Rich and Lose Weight Quickly

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Few people know that I studied catering when I was much younger and have trained in hotels, care homes, hospitals and various other interesting places where I learned a great deal about food and nutrition. Healthy living has always been a passion of mine and I am particularly fascinated by what certain foods do to our bodies and minds. I never tire of learning about food and enjoy cooking, eating and even growing my own food. Two things that really annoy me are ‘get rich […]

Seeing is believing… or is it?

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I believe that as a leader in our community I should refrain from gushing out emotional outbursts on social media and in general having some form of emotional restraint. Being the emotional person that I am this is often not an easy discipline but I do my best. In fact, I used to sign off my emails saying Love Angela x and was told that it was very unprofessional to do so, so I stopped. My reason for my sign off was simply to be […]

Mental Positioning for Successful Sales

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Have you heard the saying, “If you can see it you can have it”? For me, this is the basis of successful sales, you have to be able to see the sale, the outcome of the sale and what will result from the sale before you even try sell. The absolute worst thing that you can do is go into a sales situation doubting. Take a few minutes before attempting the sale to correct your mental position if you struggle with this. Mindfulness = the […]

Forgiveness in Business

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I don’t know about you but I have made a lot of mistakes in business. Sadly I have even hurt people, quite a few people. It was never my intention to make the mistakes I have made or hurt the people I have hurt but I did. Equally, I have been on the receiving end of what I perceive to be someone else’s mistakes and I too have been hurt, at times very deeply. One thing that really upsets me is being misunderstood and more […]

Hello world!

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Every WordPress blog starts with a “Hello world!” post. I am reluctant to remove this title not only because there is something special about it but also because this really is what I want to say. I have spent too many years building a brand, trying to do something significant to make a difference and yet at times neglected what is most important – my ness! Yes my ness! If you who have not yet watched the very cheesy, super funny movie, Me, You and […]