An Exposé of a Cheltenham Daffodil

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It could have happened to any one of them! All the other Daffodils got it right but this Daffodil just had to be different, to stick out like a sore thumb and now she is paying a high price for it. You can just hear the whispers, “Who does she think she is standing out like that!” and “She has ruined the flower patch, it looks messy now with her big head sticking out above the rest of us who all look so pretty!” Ashamed, she […]

Get Rich and Lose Weight Quickly

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Few people know that I studied catering when I was much younger and have trained in hotels, care homes, hospitals and various other interesting places where I learned a great deal about food and nutrition. Healthy living has always been a passion of mine and I am particularly fascinated by what certain foods do to our bodies and minds. I never tire of learning about food and enjoy cooking, eating and even growing my own food. Two things that really annoy me are ‘get rich […]

Hello world!

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Every WordPress blog starts with a “Hello world!” post. I am reluctant to remove this title not only because there is something special about it but also because this really is what I want to say. I have spent too many years building a brand, trying to do something significant to make a difference and yet at times neglected what is most important – my ness! Yes my ness! If you who have not yet watched the very cheesy, super funny movie, Me, You and […]