Seeing is believing… or is it?

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I believe that as a leader in our community I should refrain from gushing out emotional outbursts on social media and in general having some form of emotional restraint. Being the emotional person that I am this is often not an easy discipline but I do my best. In fact, I used to sign off my emails saying Love Angela x and was told that it was very unprofessional to do so, so I stopped. My reason for my sign off was simply to be […]

Hello world!

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Every WordPress blog starts with a “Hello world!” post. I am reluctant to remove this title not only because there is something special about it but also because this really is what I want to say. I have spent too many years building a brand, trying to do something significant to make a difference and yet at times neglected what is most important – my ness! Yes my ness! If you who have not yet watched the very cheesy, super funny movie, Me, You and […]