Hi, I am Angela and I am a serial entrepreneur! My brain is always whizzing with great ideas often to the frustration of those closest to me.My biggest passion is my husband, four beautiful children, one grandchild and three cats! I am so blessed to have such an amazing family. My LinkedIn title says that I am a ❀ Author ❀ Speaker ❀ Entrepreneur ❀ but what it doesn’t say is that I also love to sing in the shower, play my piano and try my hand at some Bob Ross painting.

If my accent confuses you it’s because I was born in Crawley, England, but spent all of my childhood in South Africa. I currently live in Cheltenham but who knows where the wind will take me. My dream is to stop working so hard all the time and live on a farm where I can enjoy complete silence, grow things in the garden and have even more animals. Below are some of my business adventures along with their story. Enjoy.





A.V.I.D Sales

The A.V.I.D Sales System is the difference between exchanging time for money for the rest of your life or managing a system that does the work for you. It’s that simple and will change the way you run your business. An intensive, detailed and thorough sales system that will take you from where you are to where you want to be at a pace that suits you. £699 or free for Platinum members of the Women’s Business Club.

Women’s Business Club

After the trauma of D7 Recruitment I had convinced myself that I was not a business women and spent a few years doing charity work. Little did I know that failure is an essential part of business, and that if you are meant to be in business you will always end up doing business! Despite my passionate resistance to the business world I accidentally started the Women’s Business Club out of my desire to connect and support women. Today it is a thriving national network and I still scratch my head wondering how it came about it the first place.

Muffin & Poppy

I had a little bit of money and wanted to invest it so my husband and I bought two British Shorthair cats! We had so much fun breeding these little rascals that we bought another one and it has become a serious business. However, they are pets first and we do out best to treat this as a hobby business or else we will have to move out and let the cats take over our home. We are constantly on the look out for other investments that can yield such a high return though – our cute cats have given us much more money for much less work than anything else that I do!


Maximise started as a tongue in cheek award ceremony at the Christmas event for the Women’s Business Club. We gave out awards such as the Compulsive Blogger award and the Lochness Award for one of our members who seldom came to an event. From there it grew into a pretty serious conference and awards and have added the Maximise Magazine and Maximise Live TV to the brand too.

7 Simple Steps

I absolutely LOVE food and am fascinated by how it affects our body and mind. My frustration with the nasty diets and lies of get rich quick and lose weight adverts led me to create the 7 Simple Steps to Your Ideal Weight. But I knew one of these wouldn’t satisfy so launched the 7 Simple Steps brand which will cover anything that I feel like writing 7 steps about 🙂 Up next, the 7 Simple Steps to Building Your Own Website.

D7 Recruitment

This was my very first ‘big’ business after having several ‘small’ ones over the years. D7 Recruitment was my big idea of the Video CV that evolved into a recruitment agency. I had no recruitment experience at all and had to learn on the go but my passion for the Video CV was all I needed, or so I thought. This business was my equivalent of a university degree! I cut my teeth on it, learned very many and often hard lessons. I lost a lot of money – but doesn’t all education come with a price? When I finally gave up and sold the company to Allthetopbananas I walked away from it relatively unscathed but oh so much wiser.