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It’s 1st January 2017 – usually, I am super excited on the first day of the year with many dreams and plans up my sleeve. Not so today. Yes, I have much up my sleeve but am not super excited. My emotions are mixed between fear, dread and terror! Right now I would rather curl up in a ball and hide somewhere far far away where no one can find me EVER. I have clearly bitten off more than I can chew and it’s sink or swim time for me. 2017 is very much a make or break year where I am giving my all and risking everything. By the end of the year I could be penniless and without a business or I could be enjoying the fruit of my labours. Early retirement is starting to look very attractive in my mind as start finding ways to chicken out of just about everything I have committed to, the only problem is that I haven’t paid enough into any pension yet to realistically retire. Oh and I am only 43 so probably a bit soon for that too!

On another note, do you like the photo of my hat (above) that my lovely daughter, Lorah-Kelly bought me for my birthday? I absolutely love it and am posting my photo wherever I can 🙂 I hope to have many occasions to go out in it this winter.

Back to my story – the truth behind the business woman who you all think is so brave but really is not. They say you can’t have it all but I plan to but I feel like something has to give but what? Perhaps it’s all in my mind and it’s not too much or too scary for me.

So do I

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or do I

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Tweet your recommendation to me by clicking one of the above options and say why or leave a comment below with your best advice for me.   Eeek scary times – check back here at the end of 2017 and see how I did!

How about you, what have you got planned for this year and what scares or excites you?

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