Furlough Diary Day #? – Sunshine, Sheep and Junk Food

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It seems a bit soon for me to be losing track of time but honestly I am! Technically I only started furlough on 7th so today is only really day, 3 but time seems to have lost all meaning already, so I am definitely going to put some routine in place next week. Also, what’s all this eating about? I’m usually a disciplined and healthy eater but now I’m eating so much junk for no real reason! Definitely going to stop this nonsense next week […]

Furlough Diary Day 1 – Letting Go

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It’s been really tough letting go. I’ve put my ‘out of office’ on but keep checking one last time before I close my email. I’ve checked and rechecked that the team know what to do and that all the automated systems are working. I’ve streamlined as much as possible which is refreshing and will make everything work so many better going forward. So already, good has come out of this and I know much more good is to come. Tomorrow is the big day and […]