Furlough Diary Day 100 – The Hard Work of Rest

You might have a little chuckle at this but I am finding it really hard work to rest! It’s so much easier to be mindlessly busy than it is to slow down and do as little as possible. In my case, I am trying to be on devices less and do more peaceful activities, but boy oh boy is it tricky to get off of devices. I didn’t realise how much of my life is based around looking at a screen and how much I […]

Menopause Musings: Stress-Free Living – Top Tip #1

Top Tip #1 – Create buffers between events “I’m going to be late!” Rush, rush, rush! There are only 3 minutes left, I’m going to be late. Brush hair and teeth simultaneously, shout instructions to kids while dressing, and try to remember the name of the people I’m meeting. Jump in the car and race off while calling my PA for the postcode to put in my SatNav and let her know of all the half-done tasks left open on my computer. That was me, […]

Furlough Diary Day 1 – Letting Go

It’s been really tough letting go. I’ve put my ‘out of office’ on but keep checking one last time before I close my email. I’ve checked and rechecked that the team know what to do and that all the automated systems are working. I’ve streamlined as much as possible which is refreshing and will make everything work so many better going forward. So already, good has come out of this and I know much more good is to come. Tomorrow is the big day and […]

My Furlough Diary

It’s been just over a month since Covid-19 became a reality to us. Cases started popping up in the UK from January 2020 but it’s only really in the past month that we have had to face the reality of this global situation. It’s all still a bit surreal and at times feels more like we’re in a sci-fi movie than living in the present reality. Change is all around us and in some cases completely out of control. Change is also an option in […]