Furlough Diary Day 1 – Letting Go

It’s been really tough letting go. I’ve put my ‘out of office’ on but keep checking one last time before I close my email. I’ve checked and rechecked that the team know what to do and that all the automated systems are working. I’ve streamlined as much as possible which is refreshing and will make everything work so many better going forward. So already, good has come out of this and I know much more good is to come.

Tomorrow is the big day and I’m nervous and excited.

I’ve been running the company for just over 7 years now and have really, really longed for a sabbatical the past few years and even planned to take one but it never happened. Furlough is just the push I needed and so am going to jump at the opportunity. But I am so nervous. What if I’m doing the wrong thing? What if I break my company? What if I let people down? The ‘what ifs’ keep coming.

But then what if I never let go? That would be like a parent never letting go of a toddler to see if they can walk. It’s time I let my ‘toddler’ company go and allow it to start walking without holding my hand. If it can’t walk by now then there really is something to worry about.

And so, I shut down my computer today and may or may not turn it on tomorrow. If I do turn it on it will be to find a recipe or watch Netflix with my children. I will be tempted to check in, and of course, I will every now and then, but my sincere hope is that have a good long break. My plan is to rest as much as possible. Read and learn. Get fit and healthy. Then, when I come back to work I will be in a better position mentally and physically to take the company to where it needs to go next.

I would love to hear how you are doing, please keep in touch with me here and share your journey with me.

So here goes…..

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