Furlough Diary Day #? – Sunshine, Sheep and Junk Food

It seems a bit soon for me to be losing track of time but honestly I am! Technically I only started furlough on 7th so today is only really day, 3 but time seems to have lost all meaning already, so I am definitely going to put some routine in place next week.

Also, what’s all this eating about? I’m usually a disciplined and healthy eater but now I’m eating so much junk for no real reason! Definitely going to stop this nonsense next week too 😉

I haven’t completely switched off yet, keep checking in that everything is going ok at Women’s Business Club and, to be honest it really is – the team are doing an amazing job and I am not needed :/ I know this is a good thing really 🙂

My highlights thus far are the gorgeous sunshine, daily walks and spending some time in the garden. Here is my sheep photoshoot from today!

So the big question now, is how to rest? Sounds silly but being the busy bee that I am, what do I do to rest? That’s next week’s challenge, this week is Easter and I am off to enjoy a lovely sunny long weekend with my hubby and children.

Happy Easter x

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