Angela’s Mastermind

Hello and thank you for visiting my mastermind page. I have been running mastermind groups since 2013 and each year I am still amazed at the results we manage to achieve. There is something powerful that happens, a real synergy, when a group of focused, passionate businessmen and women come together to mastermind.

Napoleon Hill is the forefather of the mastermind concept and in a nutshell, it is where you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others. My mastermind is no different, together we will push through challenges and pain barriers to getting ahead in business with support from our expert speakers and like-minded business owners. We take time out once a month for a full day and with a structured format. Using the collective wisdom of the group, the members help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and maximise personal growth and business potential. Read more about the concept of mastermind groups here.


I've had hundreds of applications but can only confirm 12 places. If you would like to secure a place for this April please fill in the form below and I will get back to you soon.

Since this will be my personal mastermind group I will be very selective of who I choose to join me.  I am handpicking men and women who are 1) determined to grow their business, 2) have the potential to achieve a 7 or 8 figure turnover and 3) who have the budget to go on this journey with us.

The group will be a diverse group of businessmen and women who have been selected based on their values and attitudes.

We all know that growing a successful business can be an enormous challenge and require complete commitment, a great deal of skill, energy, and focus. In our mastermind, we ensure that you continue to build a business that is right for you, financially, emotionally, and mentally, looking at how you manage who you are and respect your whole self.

About our group

Welcome to the opportunity to have a great year in which we will focus on helping you to achieve the business and life outcomes you seek. Our 12-month mastermind will take you through an enjoyable and supportive journey to build a business life that not only gives you the financial returns but also ensures you manage your wellbeing so you can acquire the skills, connections and confidence you need during the shift you are seeking in life.

A full day each month with 11 other new friends will provide the structure and support that you need to build your dream business. Together we will share openly all the lessons we’ve learned, open up our valuable connections and help you learn how to understand yourself better.

My dream is to help you achieve the life you want to lead. I would be thrilled if you chose to be one of the 12 in our mastermind.

We will provide

  • A suitable venue in Gloucestershire that is high quality, relaxing and ensures the impact of the success and nurturing culture of our group is reflected.
  • A light breakfast, three-course lunch, and drinks at the end of the day.
  • A full day mastermind.
  • Access to Angela De Souza individually on a realistic level, this is not personal coaching but the mastermind may result in the need for a call or meeting on occasion.
  • Experts will be invited to support the group on a ‘needed’ basis, such as psychologists, business experts and influential motivators, these will be discussed and agreed by the group.
  • Where known and possible, Angela De Souza will open up her vast network and introduce the connections that are appropriate. 
  • Those who desire it, we will highlight and promote as ‘experts’ though our social media channels.

What People Say

❝Angela's mastermind is a group of extraordinary business women who run fabulous businesses in our region every day. We come together on a monthly basis to discuss our achievements, future plans for our businesses and to provide support to other ensuring we deliver on our promised KPI’s. This group of ladies is not like any other group of female networking! This is for women who are driven, determined and focused on pushing their business as far as they possibly can. If you are looking to join a serious all girls club where your business is the hot topic and key priority for discussion then look no further!❞ - Recuitment Company Founder

❝The wealth of knowledge and experience in the room is exceptional. No matter where you are in business there are areas for improvement and the incredible women in the room help you to ascertain those areas and develop them. I leave the meeting with an incredibly positive mindset and a long list of things to do. The network opportunities are also excellent, with such accomplished individuals in the room there is always an introduction to be made and a connection to make. I would thoroughly recommend this group to women who are already at a successful level of business and are serious about taking it further.❞ - Financial Advisor