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Menopause Musings: My special cocktail

I started my little menopause cocktail by experimenting with essential oils and love it so much that I became a dōTERRA distributor so I can help others manage their symptoms too. I chose dōTERRA as my research concluded that they offer the purest, safest oils and offer really good training and support with how to best use the products.

There are many essential oils that can be used to treat your specific problem areas but I struggled mostly with hot flushes, night sweats, broken sleep, low energy, and low mood. I also seemed to get more stressed than usual, even over small things. Last but not least, weight gain! I’ve tried all sorts of diets, exercise, etc but simply cannot stop putting on weight until I discovered that it’s my hormones that need balancing, and until they are back in balance no diet or amount of exercise will get my weight back down to what it should be.

So these are the areas I have researched and have experimented with. You may have other areas that you need to focus on, if you need help I am very happy to put you in touch with an essential oil expert who can help with your specific health needs, just leave a comment and I’ll connect you with her.

Here are my personal favourites but there are so many more to try, there’s no harm for you to experiment and see which ones are your favourite. I can even put a starter pack together for you along with a diffuser – just leave a comment for me below with your email address and I’ll get in touch with more info.

Basil has powerful anti-stress properties and supports the adrenal system, which during menopause, fluctuates hormonally. Using Basil essential oil is reported to increase estrogen levels and can be helpful against hot flushes when diluted and applied to your feet or rubbed across the back of your neck. I rub Basil onto the soles of my feet after a bath each evening and plan to use it in cooking too. Find essential oils here.

Cinnamon oil helps to bring blood sugar levels into balance. As soon as our blood sugars are more balance we are able to lose weight more easily and enjoy reducing sugar cravings. When your blood sugar levels are unstable, you may find you are more likely to overeat. I use cinnamon daily in my oats porridge or in a smoothy. Find essential oils here.

It’s believed that lavender can help balance hormone levels naturally and is also highly effective in improving sleep quality. I use lavender in a spritzer and spray it on my pillow before I sleep at night as well as in my bath so I have a good, peaceful night’s sleep. A diffuser is another great way to enjoy Lavendar and bring about a sense of calm in your home for the whole family. Find essential oils here.

Peppermint oil reduces discomfort during hot flushes. I use two drops to a tissue and breath it in slowly.  You can also reduce discomfort by misting it on your face using a water spritzer. I also dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and rub it on the back of my neck at bedtime. Find essential oils here.

This is quite a new approach to relieve menopause symptoms so there is not much research available at this time. However, it’s generally good for your all round health so I didn’t see any harm in experimenting with CBD oil to relieve me of the menopause symptoms that were plaguing me.

I have read reports that CBD’s influence on the serotonin system helps to reduce hot flushes and that CBD oil can help restore hormonal homeostasis. This was enough for me to give it a go but it has also been reported to help with:

  • Aches and pains
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Memory loss
  • Weight gain
  • Hot flushes

Once again I found this so effective that I signed up to be a CBD Oil distributor too – why not, if it helps me hopefully it will help others? I did a tonne of research to find out as much as possible and settled on a supplier called BlessedCBD as they farm with premium-grade organic hemp and use the supercritical co2 extraction method. Not all CBD oils are high quality or safe, so either go with this brand or do your own thorough research. Get your CBD Oil here.


Evening Primrose Oil
The very first time I had hot flushes it was intense, I started during a period of incredible work stress which I believe brought them on and had about 20 flushes a day, it was horrible and I felt completely overwhelmed by them. So I did what most of us do and took to the internet and the top suggestion was Evening Primrose Oil, so I bought some from Amazon and after about a week the flushes dies down to almost none. I thought nothing of it and kept taking two capsules a day for months and was fine. Get your Evening Primrose Oil here.

Once a three month supply ran out I forgot to keep taking them and the flushes came back after about a month, so I quickly ordered more and got back into routine, but this time they weren’t as effective. I have no idea why so I increased the dose to the maximum of 6 capsules a day but they didn’t seem to have much effect at all. I continued to take them as they have other health benefits but I lowered the dose back to 2 a day.

Krai Life Menopause Complex Capsules
Next, I found more focused menopause supplements called quite simply called Krai Life Menopause Complex Capsules. These capsules contained all the herbs that I know to be good for menopause and have felt that they have reduced the intensity of the flushes but haven’t removed them completely. I completely understand that it takes time to get hormones back in balance so I will continue to take these for at least 6 months. Get your Menopause Complete Capsules here.

Extreme Burners
Last but not least I sought out a supplement to help with my weight. This wasn’t to replace a healthy lifestyle. I follow a mostly Mediterranean / Sirt diet and exercise 6 times a week. The supplement I chose is Extreme Burners, this has incredible reviews for its ability to offer incredible results and I started losing weight right away. This powerful blend of all-natural ingredients consists of Caffeine Anhydrous, Brown Rice Flour, L-Tyrosine, Citrus A Wholefruit, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, L-Tryptophan, L-Carnitine, Niacin, Cayenne Powder.. Get your Extreme Burners here.

I found Dr. Lee’s book spot on (see previous post on this) so I decided to give a good natural progesterone cream a try as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Lee says that synthetic hormones don’t work as predicted and, worse, they pose a health threat to women. He recommends the transdermal cream rather than oral progesterone, because some 80% to 90% of the oral dose is lost through the liver.

The best one I could find that ticked all the safety boxes is from a website in the USA – find out more here.

Within days of using the progesterone cream I became really moody, driving my poor husband mad. I felt depressed and weepy. After a couple of weeks I gave up, it didn’t seem to be worth it and thought it best to first see the doctor before I continued. The doctor seemed to like the idea that I was using it but I decided to wait until after my tests to decide whether or not to continue. Mostly, just to give my husband and children a break from the out-of-control version of me 🙁

It turns out I might be intolerant to progesterone, some women are and some women aren’t! It would be a good idea to find out before using progesterone cream.

I don’t know your body, allergies, ailments, etc so as with all self-care, get the necessary medical advice to proceed safely.

These are all the products that I use to find relief at this time, do you have any recommendations too?

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