Menopause Musings: Testosterone yin from business stress!

OK, I confess, I am slightly freaked out! If I had known this sooner I would definitely not allowed myself to get into this state. I always knew stress is bad and that it’s no way to live. My desire is for a peaceful life and I know that I would be a much better person if I were more peaceful. However, starting a business, growing a business, and surviving through various rough patches in business hasn’t allowed me the luxury of a peaceful life. Quite the contrary, I have been far too stressed for far too long.

Call me superficial but the first time I really started taking my stress levels seriously was when I learned that stress causes belly fat! Forget about heart attacks and all the other serious life-threatening conditions caused by stress, it was the belly fat that got my attention. Stress releases excess cortisol which increases appetite, causes a loss of memory, muscle, libido, bone density, and belly fat. 

So I began to work at being less stressed. Easier said than done. For years, I tried again tomorrow when I failed again today, but more than seven years passed by and I lived in a state of almost constant stress.

The big shocker came when I started growing chin hairs, a lot of chin hairs, I even jokingly (but seriously) posted on Facebook for advice on what to do with all these hairs. I was plucking every morning and every evening. My husband kindly bought me a laser gizmo to kill off these nasty hairs. It’s a brilliant device that really gets rid of nasty unwanted hair. The catch though is that I couldn’t pluck at all, I had to let it grow and shave. Yes, shave my face 🙁 I can’t tell you how ugly I felt. Also, with having grown the hair out I saw how much hair there was. I was (and still am) embarrassed.

Then I read this (below) from Dr John Lee’s book which totally freaked me out. I did this to myself 🙁

So now I am more determined than ever to find a way to leave a more peaceful, less stressful life but more importantly to find a better way to do business as a WOMAN so that I stop messing with my natural hormonal balance. I need to be more ‘yangy’ somehow.

Saying that, there is still a high probability of polycystic ovary syndrome but the hospital won’t see me for a scan due to Covid-19 – so what’s a girl to do? Keep getting fatter and growing more facial hair until the hospital will see me or is there another way…. the journey continues! In my next post, I will share more of my experiments with you until I find a winner or die from menopause frustration!

Do you have any thoughts? Please share them with me in the comments section below.

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