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Angela De Souza - motivational speaker - speaker training

Hello and thank you for stopping by to find out more about Angela De Souza’s niche speaker training! Angela is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every person who wants to excel at public speaking. She is an author, speaker, trainer and the founder of the national business network, Women’s Business Club.

Angela is a trained speaker and has invested in her craft which is really important, it’s not as easy as it looks, there is a lot of skill and preparation behind each and every talk. As a result, she speaks at events worldwide for both business and personal development and wants to share all that she has learned along the way with others. My speaker training will help you unleash your voice in a way that feels easy and natural to you. We don’t start with speaking technique, we first build your niche and story to ensure that everything about you as a speaker is completely authentic.



What’s included in your speaker training?

  • Faster business growth
    Find out how to get your business to skyrocket ahead of the competition using my strategic keys. Not only will I show you how to become an excellent speaker but I will also help you to pitch your business in a way that your ideal clients are attracted to what you have to offer.
  • Quicker increased revenue
    As soon as you have established yourself as an expert you will see a steady stream of regular revenue flowing into your business. I will show you how you how to leverage all the available platforms and speak confidently both online and offline.
  • Clearer value propositions
    Being a great speaker is one thing but knowing how to get people to buy from you involves a lot more. Together we will take a look at what you are offering and tie it into a clear strategy that can be easily communicated in written and spoken form.
  • Clear strategy
    I will teach you a strategy that you can use over and over again when planning your talks so that each and every talk that you do will produce the best possible results. See it as a recipe for a winning talk!
  • Speaking opportunities
    I will give you access to my business network to practice your talks and grow your reputation as a speaker. You will be surprised to learn some of the well-known names who have done their very first talks at one of our Women’s Business Clubs.

What you’ll learn in your speaker training?

Your speaker circle offers 12 speaker training sessions with Angela De Souza in person in Winchcombe or via video link. These are one-to-one tailored sessions to help you position and pitch your business. Once you have been assessed and graduated you will be invited into the circle and onto our approved speaker database that we share with various companies and event organisers. There is no guarantee that you will be approved, additional training may be suggested if required.

  • Target the Right Audience
    Your ad won’t speak to anyone if it speaks to everyone. Learn how to hone your message so it resonates with your ideal customers.
  • Call Customers to Action
    What do you want prospects to do after hearing your talk? Find the words that inspire action and increase conversions.
  • Find the Benefit
    Show prospective customers that you are the right choice by speaking to their pain points and the benefits your solution offers.
  • Position Yourself
    There are many competitors out there but you can position yourself as the go to person in your field as a public speaker.

Sign up here for Angela’s Speaker Circle – £1,500 + VAT