Angela De Souza

“Unleashing Potential”

Angela’s passion is Metacognition, a methodology that sets true thought leaders apart from everyone else. The ability to master one’s mind is one of the most basic, yet most powerful, skills to develop and those who do so will find it easier to get through rough patches, catapult ahead of competitors, think outside the box and generally find more creative solutions in business and life.

A regular speaker across the UK, Angela speaks to the SME market as well as to individuals about their development and growth.

Angela is keen to ensure that all businesses and business owners mental well-being is taken care of so they can also improve their relationship with those around them and whom they lead, as they are able to assess their thought processes and reframe the way they think to adapt to new situations. Angela can speak about Metacognition at schools, companies, churches, conferences and even on a soapbox on the street corner if needs be as the message is relevant and necessary for all to hear. Young people would achieve better grades and have a more fulfilled education if trained in metacognition, employees and teams would be more productive and happier with their new found awareness, startups may survive the rough patches during the early days and the knock-on effect would affect business, families, the economy and ultimately the nation!  Metacognition is a must for all.

Angela De Souza is on a mission to unlock the potential that exists within each and every business. She is a prolific writer, author of 29 books with several more in progress. Each book is written in plain English by offering a no-nonsense approach to business and life.  The words go from the page to the stage as Angela shares her message as a motivational speaker, trainer and the founder of the national business support network, Women’s Business Club

Angela is trained by Andy Harrington at the Public Speaker’s University and she speaks at events across the UK for both business and/or personal development to men and women. Her talks can range from 20-minute inspiration slots to full-length keynotes and all day training. 

In her spare time, Angela prefers to do simple things such as decorate her house, have cuddles with her husband, children and grandchildren on the sofa in pyjamas or practice her piano or Bob Ross painting. 

Cost: £4,500 per talk plus first class travel and accomodation for 2.

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Speaking Topics: Angela can offer a wide range of talks and happy to tailor a talk specific to your needs. Below are some of the current talks that Angela is offering:

Metacognition – What you think you become!

  • Have 100% success rate at achieving your goals
  • Get ahead of the pack by using your brain power
  • Break nasty, self-sabotaging habits

Working for Good – Businesses that Give Back Get Back

A look at CSR for all businesses from Micro to Corporate and how supporting charities and giving back can greatly benefit business. You will discover how to be generous and use your investment to:

  • Add value to your overall offering
  • Build your teams and staff loyalty to your company
  • Create brand awareness and a positive image

Stop Running to the Well – Proven principles to automate your business.

  • Finding the well – Qualifying your target audience and niche marketing.
  • Drawing up the water – Creating lead magnets that generate a consistent and predictable ROI.
  • Building the pipeline – Identifying your prospects, retention, and referrals.
  • Connecting the pipeline – Caring for the people that make your pipeline work.
  • Testing the pipeline – Systems and automation that save time and money.

Leading on Purpose – awakening and inspiring leaders to impact their sphere of influence. More info

Turning failure into profit – a no-nonsense look at the benefits of failure.

A.V.I.D Sales Systems – sales training. More info.

I Did it in My Pyjamas – an inspirational talk based on Angela’s business journey from start-up to the national business movement that she has built through the Women’s Business Club. Based on her book by the same title.

Angela De Souza 2019 Speaking Events:

01 Feb – Coventry Midlands Business Expo – Working for Good
13 Feb – Swindon Women’s Business Club – Metacognition
20 Feb – Gloucester Women’s Business Club – Metacognition
27 Feb – Bristol Women’s Business Club – Metacognition
07 Mar – Bristol Business Expo – Working for Good
08 Mar – Bristol International Women’s Day – Stop Running to the Well
21 Mar – Bath Business Expo – Working for Good
05 Apr – London International Franchise Show – Stop Running to the Well
06 Apr – London International Franchise Show – Stop Running to the Well
12 Apr – Gloucester GAINS High-Growth SME Masterclass – Stop Running to the Well
04 May – Leicester, Alabaster Box Women’s Conference – Metacognition
15 May – London Great British Business Show – Working for Good
16 May – Wiltshire Business Expo  – Working for Good
16 Jul –   Maidenhead Tribe Night  – I Did it in my Pyjamas
11 Sep –  Bath DWP – Metacognition
30 Sep – Newcastle Tribe Night – I Did it in my Pyjamas
17 Oct – Farnborough Women in Business Expo  – Working for Good
21 Oct – Twickenham Tribe Night – I Did it in my Pyjamas
24 Oct – Birmingham NEC Festival of Enterprise – Stop Running to the Well
18 Nov – Boston Tribe Night – I Did it in my Pyjamas
22 Nov – Cardiff Huggard’s Send Your PA to Lunch – Metacognition
04 Dec – Cheltenham Women’s Business Conference – Metacognition

Angela De Souza 2020 Speaking Events:

21 Feb – Worcestershire Women’s Community – Metacognition
03 Apr – London International Franchise Show – Top Mistakes Franchisors Make
04 Apr – London International Franchise Show – Top Mistakes Franchisors Make
30 Jun – Manchester Women in Business Expo  – Metacognition
02 Dec – Cheltenham Women’s Business Conference


Event Organisers Say:

Angela De Souza delivered a lunch time talk last week to our Bristol based employees called “Metacognition” It was a fascinating talk – really powerful. It was delivered in such an honest and natural way – individuals came away from it feeling inspired and motivated. Angela has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is able to share this in such an engaging way. I’d really recommend Angela as a speaker. We also hope to work with Angela and her colleagues at the Women’s Business Club in the future. – Helen Wallwork, HR Consultant, Clarke Willmott

We were lucky enough to have Angela De Souza speak at our network event at The Growth Hub in Gloucester, and we were extremely pleased to have so many happy clients! Every single person who attended really enjoyed Angela’s talk, and felt enthused, inspired and informed. Angela has a unique way of conveying information in an enthusiastic and positive way, while remaining realistic and clear in her delivery, and you come away with practical and use-able advice. I would highly recommend Angela! – Natalie Ferrari, University of Gloucestershire

Angela De Souza is an engaging speaker as she always manages to work in a story or two to capture the audience’s attention and to get them involved. Angela is a great supporter of local businesses and if you’re looking for a great speaker for your event, you can’t go wrong with Angela. – Jonathan Pollinger, Intranet Future

Angela De Souza is an incredibly knowledgeable business woman and a thoroughly engaging speaker. I wouldn’t hesitate to book her again after she very kindly spoke at StroudNet in February. As an aside, Angela is also incredibly welcoming and inclusive with her magazine Maximise, and has done a huge amount throughout 2016/17 to help support me and launch my coaching business. She is incredibly generous with her time and all of the people around her. I couldn’t recommend Angela more highly. – Robin Waite, Business Coach, Speaker, Author

Angela De Souza’s talk called “turning failure into profit” was not only inspirational and thought-provoking it enhanced our event creating exactly the kind of atmosphere we were looking for. Angela has a faith building style which builds you up and leaves you encouraged and on fire to succeed. Thoroughly recommend her for your events. – Robin Campbell, Funding Your Property Deal

Angela has been a delivery Partner of ours at Betaris Training covering a variety of sectors including Sales and Business Start up courses. She is professional, organised, personable and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Angela for her services. – Jade Lisseman, Betaris Training

I highly recommend Angela, she combines great vision and enthusiasm for the big picture with remarkable hands-on knowledge. Angela is someone who makes things happen and leads from the front – yet is happy to coach and develop colleagues and members of her team. – Nigel Knowlman, Chamber of Commerce

Angela De Souza is an engaging and inspiring speaker, you can tell that she is passionate about business and empowering women. Her talks are relatable, personal and motivating; and she has a fountain of knowledge to pass on. – Clare Hanley-Theare, Tree Aid


Delegates Say:

A wonderfully inspiring talk by Angela De Souza this morning. Angela has that perfect balance of being awe-inspiring but also making me feel like I am capable of anything. Thanks so much. – Lauren Evans, HSBC

Angela De Souza is a great speaker, with a genuine and honest presence allowing her to connect with listeners on a really personal level. – Tim Groves, Commercial Insurance Broker

I always enjoy Angela De Souza’s speaking. She shares her experience so honestly, there is a lot to learn from her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a speaker. – Nadezhda Hardiman, From Russia with Love

Angela De Souza produced an excellent seminar on selling techniques for the Chamber of Commerce and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable and personable she was. Her presentation skills were excellent and she made the seminar both interesting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for business coaching and training. – Joe David, Director at DS Accountancy

I’ve seen Angela speak a couple of times on the topic of turning failure into profit. I’ve found her talk to be very inspirational and makes you think about how we perceive the subject of failure and what it means to fail, pull yourself out of the hole and move on. Definitely recommended. – Helen Dowling, Marketing Consultant

Angela De Souza is businesswoman with passion! This comes through in everything she does and is infectious. Whether it’s getting to the real nub of what matters in your business or what drives you – she has a talent for identifying this and supporting everyone she deals with to move forward in a truly inspired way. This honest, heartfelt but no less analytical approach is amazing in her public speaking role. Don’t miss an opportunity to be part of the experience if she’s speaking or leading a meeting. – Caryl Hodgson, Marketing & Communications Management

What a fantastic talk you gave Angela, really thought-provoking and inspiring at the same time. I loved your passion and enthusiasm along with some great quotes. I took a lot away from the networking lunch and have already implemented my ‘immediate actions’ so thank you for helping me to consider some steps for greater clarity in my business and life. – Jennifer Machell Partner at Forefront Property