Menopause Musings: The Mediterranean Diet

One of the most frustrating parts of menopause is the weight gain! I have always taken care of myself, eaten healthy and exercised but lately simply cannot shift the extra weight I am carrying. It’s been so upsetting that there are times I just sit and cry at how ugly I feel. Well meaning people say, “You look fine Angela” and I try to explain that it’s not about what other people think but how I feel, and I know that this body is not […]

Menopause Musings: Testosterone yin from business stress!

OK, I confess, I am slightly freaked out! If I had known this sooner I would definitely not allowed myself to get into this state. I always knew stress is bad and that it’s no way to live. My desire is for a peaceful life and I know that I would be a much better person if I were more peaceful. However, starting a business, growing a business, and surviving through various rough patches in business hasn’t allowed me the luxury of a peaceful life. […]

Menopause Musings: Stress-Free Living – Top Tip #1

Top Tip #1 – Create buffers between events “I’m going to be late!” Rush, rush, rush! There are only 3 minutes left, I’m going to be late. Brush hair and teeth simultaneously, shout instructions to kids while dressing, and try to remember the name of the people I’m meeting. Jump in the car and race off while calling my PA for the postcode to put in my SatNav and let her know of all the half-done tasks left open on my computer. That was me, […]

Menopause Musings: The Doctors Opinion

I don’t know why I feel this way. Fearful. For some reason, I can’t pick up the phone to call my doctor. Perhaps I am embarrassed but I not usually easily embarrassed. Generally, I never like going to see the doctor anyway but this time I feel especially reluctant. Will they take me seriously? What will they do or even worse what won’t they do? The final straw was facial hair – the unusual amount growing on my face is bringing me down, I have […]

Menopause Musings: My special cocktail

I started my little menopause cocktail by experimenting with essential oils and love it so much that I became a dōTERRA distributor so I can help others manage their symptoms too. I chose dōTERRA as my research concluded that they offer the purest, safest oils and offer really good training and support with how to best use the products. There are many essential oils that can be used to treat your specific problem areas but I struggled mostly with hot flushes, night sweats, broken sleep, […]

Menopause Musings: Estrogen or progesterone? No one really knows.

As the hot flushes continued, night sweats kept me awake and of course the annoying weigh gain didn’t let up, I decided that I needed to be more proactive. Worst of all, the Evening Primrose Oil seemed to stop working so I tripled the dose to the maximum of 6 capsules to no avail. It was time to get serious about this menopause stuff. Technically I could be in perimenopause or menopause right now, the difference if that in perimenopause you still have periods and […]

Menopause Musings: The Shock

“Well something has to be done about this!” I said to myself. Why do we teach girls at school about puberty but not tell them the rest of the story? I am 46 years old and learning about things I’ve never heard of before. I’ve realise I am totally unprepared for menopause, in fact, I didn’t even reailse that I had to prepare for menopause. I thought when I was older I would have a few hot flushes, my period would stop and life would […]